Air Fryer Easy Fry & Gril Flexcook XXL 2-in-1 (6.5L)

The XXL air fryer with two cooking areas.

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Introducing Easy Fry & Grill Flexcook XXL, T-fal's air fryer with an adaptable cooking area! Easily switch from one XXL cooking area to two cooking areas in seconds, just by inserting the divider. When using the divider, opt for the two customizable cooking programs that can run simultaneously to allow you to prepare 2 meals at once, even if they require different cooking times. The result? You'll have a complete hot meal ready to enjoy in no time! The Easy Fry & Grill Flexcook XXL air fryer features our unique Extra Crisp technology, which optimizes the flow of hot air to give your food an incomparable crispy texture on the outside, yet tender on the inside. Craving juicy grilled foods? Our unique cast aluminum grill plate is included and ideal for searing and grilling your proteins or vegetables to perfection.

FLEXCOOK Technology

Personalize the cooking area in a single gesture and make it extra large or divided, thanks to the removable partition. A whole chicken or a complete meal, without compromise.

Ultra-crisp Technology

Optimizes the flow of hot air to make your food incomparably crispy on the outside and, at the same time, tender on the inside - 99% less added fat.

57% faster

Give your food that crispy texture and taste you love, in almost half the time. Prepare a wide variety of meals 57% faster than with a traditional oven.

Seared grill and perfect flavor

Enjoy the juicy taste of seared meat with our unique die-cast aluminum grill plate.

Synchro Mode

Prepare 2 different foods at the same time with SYNC mode.

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