Icaro decanter

Icaro, the decanter by Pulltex Icaro is the decanter for old wines.

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PulltexPulltex is an expert in oenological products. Its decanters, like the Icaro model, have been designed and created to help you master the art of wine tasting. These essential decanters offer:

  • Perfect oxygenation of wine
  • Retains deposits and impurities
  • Crystal
  • Ideal for older wines
  • Large capacity
  • Aesthetic and stylish

Treat your guests to red wines worthy of the name

The Icaro decanter is a true gem. It excels both aesthetically and technically. Indeed, its perfect, original curves catch the eye. Everything has been thought out for optimum handling, thanks in particular to a notch pre-moulded into the crystal. This makes for ideal serving, from decanter to glass. Ideal for decanting older wines, the Icaro decanter is sure to take pride of place on your tables.

Decanting, a noble act
Thanks to its harmonious shape and proportions, the wine will have the privilege of being well oxygenated and free of its sediment. Decanting wine is an art that is always performed at competitions or in the finest establishments. After two hours, the true color of the precious beverage is revealed. At the same time, the aromas awaken and offer an explosion of flavours on the palate that would not have been possible when opening the bottle. Once decanted into the decanter, the sediment will naturally settle to the bottom. The wine will then gently aerate and settle, releasing all its aromas as it should.

Connoisseurs will note that Icaro is a decanter specifically designed for red wines, with its narrow neck and wide base. This reduces aeration and preserves an optimal bouquet of flavors. Its large capacity accommodates an entire bottle.

The art of the French table on UNESCO's World Heritage List

When, in 2010, UNESCO classified the gastronomic meal of the French as part of its intangible heritage, it also included the art of presentation, service and tableware. As refined as it is elegant, the Icaro decanter is a sign of deep respect, love and knowledge of wine. Perfectly suited to the tasting of older wines, the Icaco decanter will reveal flavors and aromas. To aerate your wine, order glass decanters.

Technical details

Material: crystal
Capacity: 1.6L
Category: old red wines

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