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Terra Black Lamp Gift Set + 250 ml (8.5 oz) Wilderness

Create your own decorative canvas around this discreet Lampe Berger with the fresh and woody Wilderness fragrance. Inventory: 2

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The timeless sobriety of this Black Terra Lampe Berger Gift Pack is ideal for personalising your décor and adding a chic touch to your interior. The lacquered glass reveals the intense facets which add depth to your room. This colour also subtly enhances the upside-down triangle shape of this object. An atypical and audacious shape that combines modernism and refinement. Only the radiant silver-coloured mount contrasts with this monochrome design. The Black Terra Lampe Berger Gift Pack will introduce the desired atmosphere thanks to the Wilderness fragrance that accompanies it. The freshness of lemon and tomato leaves intermingle, leaving in its wake a tangy and green scent that nudges the leather and woody notes of silver birch. This warm and characterful fragrance warms up the atmosphere while purifying and perfuming it with sensuality and elegance.

Lamp sold in a gift set with accessories: wick-burner, round silver diffuser cap, stopper, funnel + 250 ml Wilderness home fragrance.

PERFUMES : Wilderness

Powerful. Seductive. In this airy fragrance, a heart of tomato leaves rubs shoulders with notes of grapefruit and lime. Patchouli and white birch underscore an adventurous temperament, while oakmoss exudes sensuality and character.

Lime, grapefruit, clean notes
Tomato leaves
Earthy patchouli, oakmoss, white birch


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