Rocks & Highballs Glass Box Set - Bar Collection (Box of 8)

Le coffret Rocks & Highball contient 4 verres Rocks et 4 verres Highball de la collection révolutionnaire RIEDEL Drink Specific Glassware. Inventory: 5

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The Rocks glass is perfect for spirits served on the rocks or cocktails, as its size is specially adapted for large ice cubes.

The Highball glass is ideal for cocktails, as its height helps maintain effervescence.

RIEDEL introduces the innovative Bar Drink Specific Glassware collection in collaboration with spirits specialist Zane Harris. This new collection addresses the need for glasses specifically designed for cocktails and includes the Neat, Rocks, Double Rocks, Fizz, Highball, Nick & Nora and Sour series that will be perfect for preparing thousands of elixirs.

Machine made and dishwasher safe.

This set includes four RIEDEL Tumbler Rocks and four RIEDEL Highball glasses from the Drink Specific Glassware collection.


Quantity in the box : 8

Manufacturing type : Machine made

Material : Crystal

Riedel glasses have a life span of about 1500 washes in a dishwasher, which is the equivalent of 20 years. To avoid scratches, make sure that the glasses are not in contact with other glasses or metal objects in the dishwasher or in the cabinet. If possible, use a glass rack. To avoid stains, use soft water with a low mineral content. To remove stains, use a little vinegar. When washing by hand, use hot water with detergent and rinse the glass gently. Avoid storing glasses in cabinets near strong smelling foods. This could alter and tint the glass or even affect the aroma of wines.

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