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In places where a large number of coffee specialities are prepared every day, filling the water tank quickly becomes a chore. To eliminate this burden, JURA offers a fresh water kit for the X8 and X6. The tank fills automatically with tap water when required, avoiding interruptions in service. The initial installation of the fresh water kit must be carried out by a professional. Thanks to its sophisticated design, anyone can remove and reconnect it.

Convenience and time-saving
For fixed installations where 30 or more coffee specialities are prepared every day, the use of a fixed water connection is recommended. This solution saves time and eliminates service interruptions.

An individual device that protects the machine
The fresh water kit is quick to install and easy to use. It is fully integrated into the coffee machine, taking up no extra space.

*A Jura technician will install, program and train the fresh water kit. Prices vary according to location. Please contact us for more information.

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