Line - Manual Salt Mill, Aluminium Finish, 18 cm - 7in.

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This stylish rock salt mill strikes the perfect balance with the warmth of the natural wood and the hi-tech look of the aluminum finish.

Modern design
The striated aluminum body and natural wood top reflect the Scandinavian inspiration behind this 18cm Line salt mill. It offers a stylish combination of materials and a superb graphical effect. Ideally suited to use on the table and in the kitchen, this model is equipped with Peugeot's lifetime-guaranteed steel rock salt mechanism and a grind adjustment button.


- Made in France
- Wood sourced from French PEFC-certified forests
- Mechanism with a lifetime warranty
- Five-year warranty for the mill
- For grinding dry salt (rock salt) with a crystal size of less than or equal to 4 mm
- Ready to use: salt crystals included
- Do not use wet sea salt (even dried)

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