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Panettone peach and amaretti 500g

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For the most demanding palates in search of new and refined flavors. A panettone that starts out recognizably with traditional Philippi panettone dough, but ends up surprising thanks to the addition of fleshy peach quarters, soft candied fruits and unexpected macaroons.
The natural freshness and sweetness of the peach is combined with a voluptuous relaxation: first with a sweet taste and then, as soon as you encounter the amaretto, with a slightly bitter aftertaste.
An intriguing combination of sweet and slightly bitter, to be enjoyed with a vain indulgence.

What is Panettone?

Panettone is a traditional Italian Christmas cake from Piedmont and Lombardy.
Its original version is filled with raisins, walnuts and citrus peel, but the panettone is also declined in plain version (Pandora),
with chocolate, ...

Made in Italy

pannetone / panetonne / pannettone / panetone

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