Pectin NH for Nappage


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If you need a pectin that can set, melt and set again, try NH Pectin.

An off-white powder perfect for gelling, thickening and stabilizing foods, it is most often derived from apples and citrus fruits.

It can gel, melt, and then re-gel without compromising gel quality, and is suitable for low sugar or non-sugar products. It has a longer setting time and is ideal for clear jellies (apples, wine) where it is not imperative to have particles in suspension.

Perfect for pastry toppings and fillings.

Can be used in watery or fruity media. Gives a firm, shiny gel with a pleasant texture.

Average use: from 0.8 to 2% depending on the pulp content (10 g/1Kg of topping).

Directions for use to disperse the product without lumps:

Pre-mix dry with part of the sugar, disperse in water under rapid agitation to avoid lumps. Complete dissolution is obtained in about 15 minutes.

Ingredients: Pectins E440, diphosphate E450, dextrose, calcium phosphate E341

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