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ISI Nitro coffee siphon 1L

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Nitro drinks achieve an incredibly creamy texture with a velvety foam crown thanks to nitrogen (nitro) refinement.

Such beverages are already among the fastest-growing trends in the beverage industry: an extraordinary new mouthfeel and a fascinating optical cascade effect will delight you and your guests.

The blend of cold-brew coffee and nitrogen offers an incredible wealth of aromas.

Individual preparation: whether nitro coffee, tea or cocktails, with or without alcohol and flavoring - the choice is yours.

Prepare every fresh drink - quickly and easily - and enjoy the fascination of your guests.


  • Practical, flexible and space-saving
  • Easy to use and clean: fully dishwasher-safe
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel for long life and safety.
  • NSF certified and developed for professional kitchens
  • Capacity 100 cl
  • Diameter 90 mm
  • Height 350 mm
  • Use Nitro iSi 0705 chargers with your iSi siphon (sold separately).

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