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Glucose syrup (Liquid glucose)

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A thickener made from corn starch, glucose syrup or liquid glucose is transparent, viscous and colorless and is half as sweet as cane sugar.

Glucose syrup is used in all types of confectionery, especially hard candy. It is also used as a preservative in food production to maintain the freshness and texture of foods such as jams, jellies and canned fruits.

We use 50g of syrup for 300g of cream or ganache in addition to sugar. It can also be used to replace 1/3 of the butter in truffles, to supplement honey or sugar in ice cream and to improve the texture of pastries.

Liquid Glucose is added to ice cream to reduce the freezing point and enhance the flavor. In general, 50g of glucose syrup is used for 1L of ice cream.

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