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Lime Syrup 250ml

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The most popular of our citrus syrups, our Lime Syrup is made with the utmost delicacy during the bottling process. We first heat the water and sugar and add the cold pressed lime juice at the last minute. Once pasteurized and bottled, the bottles made in small batches of 100L finish their journey, like all our other syrups, in the refrigerator in order to deliver the purest product possible and as close as possible to the cold lime syrup.

You can pour it anywhere, but we recommend aiming for the mojito glass directly. It's more effective and makes for less sticky floors.


The acidity of the slightly caramelized lime brings the bitter yet sweet edge of the lime zest.

Ingredients: Sugar, lime juice, water, citric acid (acidulant)

Hand bottled in beautiful Quebec City, Canada

Revolutionizes the cocktail

100% natural handmade syrup

Shake well before opening

No flavors, colors or preservatives

Good for 16 cocktails

Can be kept for 6 months in the fridge

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