Ice cube tray with round lid

Ice cube tray with lid to make heart-shaped ice cubes

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Ice cube tray with lid to make traditional round ice cubes. It can make up to 18 ice cubes, perfect for any occasion.

These ice cube trays are made of rubber which makes them flexible enough to extract ice cubes in a snap. By applying slight pressure to the mold at the ice cube location, no effort is required!

They come with a lid to prevent the ice cubes from absorbing odors from the food in the freezer. The lid also allows you to stack the trays or other containers to maximize storage space. The lid aids in handling the product, prevents water leakage and allows for easy placement in freezer drawers.

Turn an everyday moment into a breeze. These ice cube trays with lids are perfect for freezing ice cubes and chilling all kinds of drinks, teas and coffees. For a healthy drink, you can prepare flavored waters with fruit and add ice cubes with fruit pieces, mint leaves, pepper balls or chamomile flowers. You will get a great taste and wow effect!

Recommendations for use:

Use these ice cube trays to make ice cubes with water. This prevents contamination from odours and possible damage to the material caused by the acidic components of some foods, such as citrus juices.

Wash the product before using for the first time. When washing, do not exceed a temperature of +60ºC, and avoid the use of scourers or abrasive products.

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