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WHOLEFRUIT couverture chocolate 72.5% cocoa

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Discover ToutFruit chocolate!

The inimitable embodiment of the cocoa fruit, the new ToutFruit chocolate offers chefs the true essence of chocolate, as Nature intended:

  • Made with 100% pure cocoa fruit, No added refined sugars, lecithin, or vanilla.
  • With unique acidulous and fruity notes, rediscover the natural freshness of the cocoa fruit.
  • From a 100% sustainable agriculture: Less waste of raw material & improvement of the quality of life of the planters.

ToutFruit chocolate is the flagship of our Pureté range. Pureté is particularly concerned with respecting and enhancing the value of the cocoa fruit. Pureté is the result of a combination of art and science, combining our selection skills, our technical mastery and our meticulous treatment processes.


    • Moulding, coating and candy making
    • Insert chocolate in its pure form in pastries and desserts: for example as a (thin) whole layer
    • Create elegant decorations that enhance the look and taste of pastries
    • Grate it on desserts and savoury dishes

    Ingredients : cocoa paste, sugars obtained from cocoa (Theobroma cacao L)

    * Please note that the 1 kg bags are repackaged by us from the 2.5 kg bags.

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