3 Christmas silicone mould for yule log (mould, insert, baking mat)

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A kit including 1 silicone yule log mould, 1 silicone insert mould, 1 silicone baking mat, a gold cake board and 1 recipe booklet.

Moulds - colour : gold.

Product features
Material : Food grade, professional quality, 100% platinum silicone
Yule log mould - dimensions: L25 X l8 x H 7.5 cm
Insert mould - dimensions: L25 X l3.5 x H 3.3 cm
Baking mat - dimensions: L30 X l8 x H 1 cm
Suitable for use in oven, microwave oven, fridge or freezer.
Suitable for temperatures from -20°C to + 230°C.
Suitable for dishwasher, electric and conventional ovens.
Before the first use, and then after each use, wash the mould in warm water with no detergent or in the dishwasher. For use in the oven, butter the mould on its first use only.
Precautions for use: Do not place the mould in direct contact with a flame or on an electric hotplate. Do not use tools with sharp edges in the mould.

Gold cake board:
Material: Food grade carton + PET film
Dimensions: 30 x 10 cm / thickness 1 mm
Reusable, greaseproof cake board.
Cleaning instructions: After each use, clean the cake board with a damp sponge, dry carefully.

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