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Spirale Frosted Lamp Gift Set + 250 ml (8.5 oz) Ocean Breeze

Bask in the relaxation of a day at the beach with a marine fragrance and cloud-colored lamp. Inventory: 2

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Have you ever felt like you could reach out and touch the clouds over the ocean on a sunny day? Bring the wonder of clouds in an endless sky into your space with the Spirale Frosted Fragrance Lamp.

The relief on the frosted lacquered glass body undulates like the rippling patterns of clouds drifting over the ocean. The Ocean Breeze home fragrance evokes the scent of wild roses carried on a fresh breath of sea air. Opening on rose entwined with marine notes, the composition continues into a floral heart before closing on a base of exotic wood.

Lie back on a sandy beach, breathe in the scent of roses on fresh, salty air, and watch the clouds drift by.

This box includes a Ocean Breeze gift refill (250 ml)


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