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Protect your Ooni Volt 12 with our custom-designed Ooni Volt Cover. Specifically designed to fit the Ooni Volt and made from premium quality materials, this cover provides maximum protection for your oven. This cover is weather-resistant, has an adjustable toggle for a super-snug fit, hugs tight to the feet to eliminate slippage, and provides protection for your oven when not in use.

Key Features
Dimensions: 52cm x 28cm x 8cm (20.5” x 11” x 3.2”)
Lightweight: 0.77kg (1.7lbs)
Materials: Polypropylene, Polyester, Polyurethane
100% weather-resistant
Elastic edge hugs the oven
Made from durable, weatherproof polyester
Includes adjustable toggle
Hard protective front panel
Built-in rear-storage pocket

Do not store the cover or oven outside for extended periods of time. Your Ooni Volt 12 should be stored indoors when not in use. Wait for the oven to cool before using the cover.

Care Instructions:
Hand wash only. Lightly clean with warm water and mild detergent. Air dry. Do not iron, bleach, tumble dry or dry clean.


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