Pectine X58


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Thickening or gelling type texture agent.

Allows the production of reversible toppings, with a low sugar content and a very well gelled elastic texture, which can be used to coat pies, sponges and cookies at 50 to 55°C either directly or after dilution.

Can also be used in confectionery in the manufacture of acid fillings, such as those for chocolate shells.

Thermo-reversible gel, holds to the freezing.

Recommended dosage 0,8 to 1,5 %.

Instructions for use To disperse the product without lumps:

either pre-mix it dry with other dry ingredients then pour the preparation in the liquid under strong agitation

or incorporate it in a non-solvent medium (oil, alcohol, concentrated sugar solutions < 65°brix)

Can be used in aqueous or fruity media. If the dispersion is made cold, heat to 80 - 85°C to ensure rapid and complete dissolution.

Ingredients: Pectin, sucrose, stabilizer

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