Zwilling Professional S - 8" Slicing Knife

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Cutting a piece of meat into small pieces is one of the most difficult things to do in the kitchen. Especially when there are bones left in the piece, it can be a tiring task. But with the help of a proper meat knife, cutting into small pieces becomes much easier. For this purpose, professional cooks and ambitious home cooks like to use the products of the PROFESSIONAL "S" series. These knives are particularly robust due to the through-hardened steel and the secure riveting between the tang and the handle. The precision forged knife has an exact cutting edge. Since there are no irregularities on the junction between the bolster and the handle, this knife offers an excellent grip.

Meat is one of the most important ingredients in many tasty dishes. A generous roast or a rare steak ensures a special pleasure every time. In addition, you can enhance a soup or sauce by adding pieces of meat. The juices from the meat run off and give the whole dish a pleasant taste. With the meat knife, you can cut even the largest pieces of meat without much effort. The 20 cm long blade separates the tissue precisely and effortlessly. This allows you to shape your roasts or cut meat into smaller pieces. With the ZWILLING meat knife, you can treat yourself and your family to delicious meals.

FRIODUR special ice-cooling process, sharper, more flexible and corrosion-resistant blades

Special stainless steel: These knives are stable, corrosion resistant, but retain a certain flexibility

SIGMAFORGE knife - forged in one piece

Smooth transition from handle to blade.

Ergonomic plastic handle with three rivets: For fatigue-free and safe use of the knife


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