The Long Dipper 13''

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La Louchette - SERVING UTENSILS - A long-handled spoon for reaching the bottom of large containers, such as cans of olives, or jars of sugar. Gourmet Paddles are distinguished by their dynamic hydro-based designs, unique names and quality maple wood. All our products are hand carved and signed by individuals. The edge, tip and curve of each paddle has a specific function. Each paddle is available in left or right-handed versions so that everyone can cook in harmony with their dominant hand. The natural anti-bacterial properties of maple make the Gourmet Paddles a safe product for the kitchen. The maintained maple wood can be used for frying and will not damage delicate surfaces. Made in Quebec. Ideal care for utensils and boards: wash in warm soapy water, and dry with a cotton or linen cloth. If necessary, sharpen the edges with a sharp knife in the direction of the grain, and smooth it with sandpaper. Polish with our Poli-Bois.

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