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Perfumed Bunch Cube - Lavender Fields

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All the beauty of the lavender fields of Provence concentrated in an aromatic fragrance, refreshed by notes of eucalyptus and pear. All the pleasure of a summer spent in Provence, told through lively and delicate aromas.

Champs de lavande is both lively and delicate and evokes the pretty blue fields that are gracefully gilded by the sun. It first reveals the fresh and fruity facet inherent in eucalyptus and pear. A Provençal breeze then comes to rock the lavender fields to add power and beauty to the portrait. A tribute to the floral symbol of Provence, this fragrance will transport you to a place where freshness and vitality are one.

HEADNOTES: Eucalyptus, pear, camphor


BOTTOM NOTES: Lemon balm, wood

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