MIYABI Birchwood 5000MCDB Chef 9.5" knife

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The GYUTOH 5000MCD from MIYABI is a unique piece of finesse with a perfect function and an absolutely unique design. With its 24 cm length, it is ideal for cutting meat and large vegetables, the European equivalent of a chef's knife.

Composed of a MicroCarbide MC63 steel core and covered with 100 layers of two kinds of steel, giving the blade a unique damask pattern, with an exceptional hardness of about 63 Rockwell. This hardness is also associated with the specific CRYODUR treatment, a unique cooling process that makes the knife sharp, flexible and resistant.

This knife is hand sharpened in the purest Japanese tradition, using the traditional "Honbazuke" method which gives the blade an incomparable sharpness. It also features a unique birch D-handle inlaid with a mosaic and finished with a steel tip surrounded by a thin red border.

Authentic Japanese blade profile with a symmetrical 19° angle


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