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Mesh food cover, 11.75-inch

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Cooking and dining outdoors in the warm sunshine makes just about any meal better. Unfortunately, when it comes to good food, everyone's trying to get their hands on it. Protect your meal from more than just the rest of your family, and keep unwanted bugs, insects, and pests out with our Food Cover! Constructed of sturdy chrome mesh wire to keep the smallest of pests out, this round food cover features an 11.75-inch diameter and 5-inch height, making it a perfect size for covering individual portions, standard sized plates, bowls, dishes, and small trays. Great for summer barbecues, cookouts, picnics, parties, covering ripening fruit and produce indoors, and more! To spend less time swatting away pesky flies and more time enjoying, make sure to shield your meal with Fox Run's Mesh Food Cover.

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