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Flash technical car diffuser

Découvrez cette pince voiture tendance au système breveté « On/Off » inédit, pour moduler avec précision le parfumage de votre véhicule !

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The Flash Technique Car Diffuser Clamp dazzles you with its sparkling silver color and metallic sheen. Its asymmetrical graphic openings unfold smoothly, following the concentric shape of the object with meticulousness. Design, it gives a truly elegant look to your interior. Combining functionality and practicality, this Flash Technique Car Diffuser Clamp is equipped with an ingenious patented device that allows you to regulate the fragrance intensity. Use your thumb to slide the blackout cover to the right or left for a controlled diffusion of the perfume and thus benefit, according to your wishes, from a discreet or more intense perfume trail during your journeys. You will have understood, the refills car diffuser are therefore essential to complete your basket! Adaptable, they can be used on our standard and technical range. You must now choose, among our different olfactory families, the ideal fragrance to accompany you.

Patented "ON/OFF" system to modulate fragrance intensity

Adaptable standard car diffuser refills

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