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Set of coffee syrups

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The ultimate host gift, our incredible limited edition coffee syrup set contains four 125ml natural, handcrafted syrups to create the most delicious coffees and surprisingly enhance your cocktails.

Each flavor has been developed with the utmost care and the finest ingredients so you'll never miss your "funny" coffees again!

The set includes :

Pumpkin Spice Syrup: Made with real pumpkin, ginger juice and our secret spice blend, it's the perfect partner for your latte, apple pie, fall cocktails and ice cream.

Vanilla Syrup: A blend of Madagascar vanilla caviar and pure Java and Bourbon vanilla extracts, its rich, complex taste complements coffee, soda, fruity cocktails and desserts.

Hazelnut Syrup: A creamy taste of roasted hazelnuts amplified by the richness of brown sugar, this syrup is without traces of nuts and will be fabulous with coffee, hot chocolate, dessert cocktails and ice cream.

Salted Caramel Syrup: Velvety caramelized sugar with hints of vanilla, butter and fleur de sel. Lactose-free, it goes well with coffee, hot chocolate, Old Fashioned, desserts and ice cream.

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