Protective cover for Ooni Karu 16

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When you're done cooking, protect your Ooni Karu 16 oven from the elements with this custom protective cover. With elastic edges and adjustable straps, this 100% waterproof cover is easy to slip over your oven. And because it's held in place by the feet, it ensures that your oven is protected and held securely in place when you're not using it.

Key Features

100% waterproof cover 

Elasticated edge for optimum hold 

Easy to put on the Karu 16 oven and stays in place thanks to the elastic edge held by the feet

Technical specifications

Dimensions (packed product): 28 x 22 x 5cm (11 x 9 x 2″) 

Weight (packed product): 0.6kg (1.3lb)

Weight (unpacked product): 0.24kg (0.5lb)

Material: aluminum, polyester

Keywords: oven, pizza, gas, outdoor, picnic, picnic


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