UMAi Dry Charcuterie Kit

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Create Dry Cured Meats in your refrigerator with special UMAi Dry technology

Unique UMAi Dry membrane technology creates a perfect dry curing environment
Use your home fridge to make capicola, bresaola, prosciutto, pancetta with no mess, no odors
Your result is delicious dry cured meats (charcuterie) that will impress your friends and family
You will be amazed when you create true gourmet charcuterie at home
This kit includes:

UMAi Dry 8" x 18" 2 pieces
Suitable for 6-8 lbs. of meat
UMAi Dry 10" x 11" 3 pieces
Suitable for 4-5 lbs. of meat
VacMouse channel vacuum adapter strips - 5 pieces
6 tsps. InstaCure #2
Enough to cure 30 lbs. of meat
0.5 oz. Juniper berries
This kit requires use of a vacuum sealer

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