LELIT ANNA Espresso Machine

Anna is a set of espresso machines for those who get into espresso coffee for the first time and look for a real semiprofessional machine.


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Your first real espresso machine

Anna is a set of espresso machines for those who get into espresso coffee for the first time and look for a real semiprofessional machine.

Small sizes, professional build quality and a choice of high performance features, including a professional steam wand to froth milk and prepare delicious cappuccinos,

This makes Anna the perfect companion for everyday espressos, dinner with friends or coffee breaks in small offices.

Professional build quality

The main advantage of these machines is their build quality. Key components - the group head, boiler and portafilter - are made from brass, which ensures very good thermal stability.

Thermal stability is required to get great espresso extractions as well as when trying to achieve silky, creamy milk for lattes and cappuccinos.

We noticeably improved the performances of the boiler and matched it with a professional steam wand, so that espresso coffee, lattes and cappuccinos at home would become an everyday routine.

Latte art fait maison par barista
A trust worthy taste indicator

A perfect extraction derives from a balance between tamping strenght, brew water temperature, grinding settings and blend quality (both in terms of freshness and type). The brew pressure gauge built into LELIT machines shows whether the brew pressure is optimal. Too little pressure indicates an under extraction (insipid flavour), too much pressure indicates an over extraction (bitter, sour flavour). Enjoy yourself adjusting the 5M (Italian: Macchina, Macinatura, Miscela, Mano, Manutenzione - Machine, Grinding, Blend, Tamping and Maintenance) as a real barista!

Designed to last

Brass boilers and full stainless steel body, matched with clean, uncluttered interior design mean that the machines are easy to repair and have extended longevity.

Anti-burn nozzle: No
Water tank capacity: 2.7 L
Pump: 15 bar
Capacity of the boiler: 250 mL
Boiler: 1
Materials of the Boiler: Brass
Group: 57 mm
Automatic cleaning system: No
Indication for water shortage: No
Stand-by mode: No
UPC: 8009437001941
Appliance body: Stainless steel
Power: 1000 watts
Voltage: 120 volts - 60Hz
Lenght: 23 cm / 9 inch
Height: 26,5 cm / 10.2 inch
Depth: 34 cm / 13.4 inch
Weight: 7,2 kg / 16 lb
Accessories included: 57 mm portafilter with 1 and 2 doses filters and blind filter

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