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Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate & Buckwheat 50%

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Stop! You’ve got to believe us, it is imperative not to put a spoon in it, or you might never be able to stop!

Do you have an adventurous soul? Lightly roasted buckwheat grains are added to the recipe to make it extra crunchy.

According to our clients, our Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate & Buckwheat spread is highly addictive!

For the most fearless of chocolate lovers, start with this one, it’s our favourite.
Vegan - Gluten Free - Dairy Free - Peanut Free - Preservative Free - No Added Oil

Made in a workshop that uses: Nuts - Milk
It is normal for an oil layer to develop on the surface, this is due to the high concentration of hazelnuts. Mix before use.
No refrigeration required - Store in a cool, dry place

Hazelnuts (50%), Organic cane sugar, Dark chocolate (100% from Belize – Chocolats Monarque), Buckwheat (Quebec/Ontario), Cacao Powder, Vanilla bean, Fleur de sel

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