Pectin 325 NH95

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Fine white to light beige powder, odorless and tasteless.

Mode of action / Properties

Gelation occurs during cooling by interaction of pectin with available calcium.

The final texture is obtained after 24 hours (supports a fast pasteurization).

Average use : 0.5 to 1.5%.

Directions for use to disperse the product without lumps:

- either pre-mix it dry with other dry ingredients (for example: with 3 to 5 times its weight of

) then pour the preparation into the liquid (the dissolution is favored by the heat treatment and it is

(dissolution is favored by the thermal treatment and it is total at 80/85°C) under strong agitation and maintain the agitation until complete dissolution

complete: it can be delicate in a medium rich in calcium.

- or incorporate it in a non solvent medium (oil, alcohol, concentrated sugar solutions < 65°brix)

Ingredients : Low esterified and starchy fruit pectin: E440ii, sucrose

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