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Champagne sword - Mac Mahon black micarta handle - Claude Dozorme

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Champagne lovers will appreciate this collector's item in its oak box or presented on a mahogany base.

A good bottle of champagne is not opened in a hurry. It is a whole ritual that accompanies its service and that is why we offer you a champagne saber worthy of your receptions.

Did you know that this rite was very appreciated by Napoleon? During the Empire, victories were celebrated by breaking the neck of champagne bottles with a saber!

This wooden box contains an exceptional champagne saber and passementerie straps, reminiscent of the way the cavalrymen of the Napoleonic guard held their weapons at the wrist.

This Mac Mahon champagne saber has a black micarta handle and a silver coated guard.

You can choose to present your champagne sword in a luxurious oak box or on a mahogany wood base.

This prestigious champagne saber is entirely made in France, following artisanal and traditional methods, in our workshops at La Grande Coutellerie Claude Dozorme.

Technical characteristics

The Mac Mahon champagne sword is a 100% made in France product.

Made of oak wood, the box includes a luxury saber, a booklet on the art of champagne saber and a passementerie strap. Different kinds of guards exist and the sword is available in a wide choice of handles.

The blade is made of high quality steel X50CrMoV15, it is not sharp. To personalize this gift, it is possible to have it laser engraved with the name of your choice.

The Mac Mahon champagne saber has been designed in the capital of cutlery, Thiers, by passionate and qualified craftsmen.

The dimensions of the luxury champagne sword are :
- Total length: 48 centimeters
- Length of the handle: 17 centimeters
- Length of the blade: 31 centimeters long.

*NB: Allow about one week for delivery

Instructions for use: stand far from the guests and after having removed the corkscrew, let the sword slide energetically along the seam of the bottle, giving a sharp blow on the base of the neck in order to cut it without shattering the glass. Be careful, the neck of the bottle breaks and flies away with the cork at a speed of about 200 km/h and can reach a distance of at least 15 meters. Children are not allowed to break the champagne.

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