TECHNIQ 11.8" The giant braiser

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The TechnIQ series features the revolutionary commercial-grade nonstick, STRATANIUM+. TechnIQ was shaped by intellectual curiosity to provide improved ergonomics and optimal features. Developed with and inspired by professional chefs, TechnIQ cookware is crafted to last a lifetime. In 2017, SCANPAN introduced the Stratanium nonstick coating, marking the result of a two-year development process and a significant leap in the journey to expand nonstick technology. With the introduction of the new Stratanium+ coating, SCANPAN once again breaks the boundaries of what a nonstick surface can do. The company has managed to develop a surface coating that combines nonstick properties, wear resistance and unique frying properties in one.

The very large frying surface and extra high sides make it large enough to accommodate stews and other big batches of food. The extra high walls help trap heat for even cooking and superior braising. Also ideal for sautéing, braising and simmering. And baking - the pan is oven-safe up to 260°C.

Sears, braises & deglazes with little or no oil for exceptional cooking performance
Oven-safe up to 500°F
PFOA-free; safe & sustainable
Long, ergonomic handle
Commercial-grade STRATANIUM+ nonstick surface is dishwasher & metal-utensil safe
Designed & manufactured in Denmark

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