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Supreme 100% Arabica 250g


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Composition: Blend of superior Arabica grands crus of different origins (Brazil, Guatemala and Colombia). Medium roast used.

This blend is very balanced, its aroma is floral, its taste is tasty while being delicate, velvety and fruity. It is naturally lower in caffeine (1.25%) since it does not contain Robusta beans. Its slight acidity is pleasant and adds subtle notes of fresh lemon to the taste. The bitterness of this coffee is very light because of the type of roasting used.

We recommend the SUPREMA 100% ARABICA blend at any time of the day, it is very versatile: it is an excellent choice for breakfast because it is very easy to digest and you can drink it without hesitation on an empty stomach. Since it is low in caffeine, it can also be taken after a good meal in the evening.

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