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Tacapasta - pasta drying rack 17.7"

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Tacapasta, from the Marcato Classic line, is the perfect accessory for drying pasta.
It is equipped with 16 sturdy rods to carry up to 2 kg of pasta. The multipurpose wand, stored in the central column, is used to pick-up the freshly-cut pasta and hang it easily on Tacapasta.
Its fan-like opening and quick closing mechanism means it takes up very little storage space.
Its original design makes it fit in perfectly with the decor of any kitchen, becoming the ideal accessory for Marcato's Atlas and Ampia lines.
Very practical and easy to use, Marcato's Tacapasta is the perfect gift for anyone who loves home-made fresh pasta.
1. Do not use in the dishwasher
2. Do not clean with metal objects
3. Clean with a toothpick or a small brush

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