Opinel - N°218 Chef Intempora

Le meilleur ami du cuisinier !

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Reassuring, powerful and easy to handle, it can easily be used for slicing, chopping and cutting.

The curved cutting edge allows chopping with a rocking motion. The 17 cm blade remains rigid and stable while cutting. The continuous cutting edge frees up the heel of the blade and makes it easy to sharpen. The agile knife par excellence.

Technical specifications:

- Blade length: 17 cm

- The modified Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel developed for Opinel is renowned for its sharpness and ease of maintenance. The stainless steel capable of undergoing the heat treatment that gives it its good hardness is called martensitic. It has a carbon content at least equal to 0.40% which allows to obtain a very satisfactory cutting edge without being sensitive to corrosion.57-58 HRC blade hardness.

- The handle is overmolded in polyoxymethylene filled with fiberglass which guarantees excellent resistance to wear, impact and water. The curved shape ensures a secure and comfortable grip.

- The full silk blade extends throughout the handle and contributes to the strength and balance of the knife, with the weight of the steel distributed.

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